Bluefire offers practical tools based on our own methodologies, developed and tested through decades of industry experience and designed to help our clients achieve performance and create ongoing value.

Commercial Analysis

Bluefire Customer Value Analysis™ Tool

The interactive Bluefire Customer Value Analysis tool demonstrates and quantifies the financial benefits of purchasing and implementing a complex B2B proposition.

Tailored to your unique value proposition and customers in relevant verticals, the Customer Value Analysis tool highlights the incremental business value that your proposition can deliver in:

  • Acquiring customers
  • Retaining and serving customers
  • Upselling to customers

Bluefire Customer Profitability Analysis™ Tool

Bluefire offers a tried and tested tool that analyses bottomline profitability to provide you a 360-degree perspective in how profitability for a customer is viewed. The Bluefire Customer Profitability Analysis tool provides actionable evidence on how to best improve your business with scarce resources focused on the areas that have the most impact including:

  • Managing the cost base
  • Improving profit margins
  • Understanding the details behind what makes the best and worst customers in the base

Aggregations from the per-customer margin analysis are analysed to support:

  • Marketing campaigns targeted and increasing profitability of existing base and acquisition of new profitable customers
  • Base mix changes
  • New tariff development
  • Customer loyalty, upsell and forced churn initiatives
  • Negotiation of wholesale agreements
  • Optimisation of sales and channel incentive programmes


Bluefire B2B Sales Excellence™ Tool

  • Benchmarking tool to assess sales teams against other internal teams and the external market in a growth environment.

Bluefire International Expansion Readiness Assessment™ Tool

  • Assessment tool to strategically evaluate a company’s readiness for successful market expansion and prepare for profitable growth.

Business Strategy

Bluefire Competitive Analysis™ Tool

  • A tool for analysing a structured, holistic view of competitors and best positioning for competitive advantage.

 Bluefire Market Analysis™ Tool

  • Market proposition analysis tool to assess against current market situation and best way to capitalise on growth opportunities.

Leadership On Demand

Bluefire Executive Development Commercial Modules™

  • Interactive sessions for executives in high growth technology companies to help with business execution and managing growth and turnaround.

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