Business Strategy

Bluefire’s impartial evaluation of strategic direction in a rapidly changing market helps clients position for success and quickly scale value.

Competitive Analysis

  • Holistic view of key competitors including analysis on their geographic footprint, product capabilities, customer segments and routes to market
  • Perceptions on each key competitor from social/traditional media perspective and their customers
  • Recommendations on how best position again competitors (product, geography, routes to market, partnerships)

Market Analysis

  • Market trends and SWOT analysis of current market proposition
  • View of perception of company in market from social/traditional media
  • Current product fit with future roadmap
  • Recommendations on how to capitalise on market growth opportunities

Financial Modelling and Business Plan Development

  • Detailed financial models to support fundraising, marketing, negotiations or product planning
  • Building model results into a supporting business plan with clear metrics to measure success and provide financial governance

Fundraising and M&A Support

  • Building business plans and pitching to investors for new funding
  • Engaging with focused investment banks to support fundraising and M&A activities
  • Due diligence support with in-depth industry expertise for investment banks and venture capital companies

Bespoke Market Research and Analysis

  • Custom competitive, geographic and product market analysis tailored to your business needs